south weald bell ringing
Outing to East Sussex 2009

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St Mary s Hailsham St Mary s Hailsham St Mary s Hailsham St Mary s Hailsham The minibus arrives
Out we get Up they go a view from St Mary s ringing room Wot no bells Simon
Hurry up Paul Christchurch Eastbourne Richard Round we go Pam and Vic
It will go up You do know Double Norwich Darren Paul Richard and Ray Christchurch What was that
Now what do I do with this Warning It s dangerous to handle the ropes Paul Surely you should be ringing this Green s my favourite colour
Eight Spliced let s check Superlative Simon likes green too I need my sleep Darren Go something or other
Stop Taking pictures Pam Maria and Paul On the beach at Eastbourne The pier at Eastboarne Blink and it s gone
Adele and Sarah enjoying the picnic More food Paul Eleanor Ruth and Pam John up to no good John with Paul T in his sights
St Saviours Eastbourne St Saviours Eastbourne yuck Now what shall we ring this time 10 is quite a lot
Mmmm Should I ring next Beth Vic Where next St Saviours Eastbourne
All Saints Eastbourne Can t find the volume I like this ling draft St Mary Eastbourne A relaxing game of cricket
Ray and Vic Pam Chiddingly Chiddingly Our final stop
Here we all are Off to get a cup of tea  

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