south weald bell ringing
The Ringing World 1931


The ringers of Shenfield and South Weald had their annual outing on Saturday, June 20th, and spent a most enjoyable day in Surrey, Calling first at Croydon, the party were shown over Messrs. Gillett and Johnston's Bell Foundry, and amongst the many interesting things to be seen was the carillon of 72 bells (the largest number of bells!" ever cast for one tower), with a tenor of 17 tons, for the University of Chicago, the guide demonstrating the many octaves and their splendid tone. The next stop was. at Merstham, where the ring of six were kept busy for a short time, before the party went on to Buckland, where they were met and welcomed by the Vicar to the beautiful old church, parts of which date back to the eleventh century. On a light peal of six (tenor 611- cwt.) _some good ringing was enjoyed by all. At Leigh the visit was cut short in order not to be late for lunch at the Queen's Head Hotel, Nutfield. After this the hand bells were brought into use, and much appreciated by all present. Then a delightful hour was spent with the tower bells before proceeding to Godstone for tea and an evening with the local band and some old friends. Home was reached about 11.30, all agreeing that it had been the best outing the combined towers had ever had.


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