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Becoming a bell ringer
Becoming a bell ringer at St. Peter's
Becoming a bell ringer

Church bell ringing is a fun team activity that provides a service to the Church and continues an ancient tradition. Although you definitely don’t need great strength, ringing does provide an enjoyable physical and mental workout. Once bitten by the ringing bug this traditional skill gives the opportunity for lifelong learning amongst a wide group of friends from all walks of life. There are over 40,000 ringers in the UK and about 5,00 towers where you will be welcome to ring with open arms.


Almost anyone has the capability to learn to ring and age is no barrier to starting this fascinating pass time. We find that about age of ten is the earliest a youngster can reasonably expect to be able handle and control a bell and there is no upper age limit! All that is required is a desire to learn something new, a willingness to ring for Sunday services and to attend practice nights as often as possible, and the ability to count! Disability need not be a barrier although you need to be able to cope with the 42 steps up our tower to the ringing room. Some churches do have ground floor rings where the ringing is more accessible. The nearest ground floor ring to St Peter’s is St. Thomas’ in Navestock.


If you would like to learn more please contact us or pay us a visit on practice nights to see what we are all about without any commitment. If you like what you see, we will arrange the first lessons (all free!) and you will be well on the way to acquiring very rewarding skill and help us keep the tradition of church bell ringing alive. Warning - learning to ring can be very addictive!


The following pages show what learning to ring at St. Peter's entails.