south weald bell ringing
Frequently Asked Questions

Church bell ringing is an unusual hobby of which many questions often asked.  Several websites have done a great job in covering most of these questions.  (The Central Council's website is a good place to start as is Therefore these questions will not be covered here.  Instead these questions relate specifically to ringing at St. Peters, South Weald.  If you would like to ask us a question directly please use our contacts pages.


Q: When do you practise at St. Peter's?
A: We practise Monday evenings from around 7:30 to 9:15.  We don't have a practice on Bank Holidays or during Holy Week (the week before Easter)

Q: When do you ring for services?
A: We ring on a Sunday Morning for the family Communion service.  We start to ring at 9:10 and finish when the service starts at 9:45.  We sometimes ring a quarter peal before Evensong.

Q: What do you ring at St. Peter's?
A: We ring everything from rounds and call changes on eight through to Surprise methods.  However, this does depend on who is available to ring.  Likewise Sunday service ringing is normally limited to Grandsire or Plain Bob Triples but we are sometimes able to ring Stedman Doubles or Triples.

Q: I am interested in hearing more. Can I get in touch?
A: Yes, of course. The easiest way is through our contact pages.

Q: I would like you to ring for a wedding or funeral.  Can this be arranged?
A: Yes it can, depending on the availability of ringers. Please discuss your requirements with the Vicar.

Q: How many/How heavy are your bells?
A: We have 8 bells hung for change ringing. The tenor us just over 14 hundredweight (almost 3/4 of a ton) and the bells form a diatonic scale in the key of F sharp. The details of the bells can be found on our bell pages.

Learning to Ring

Q: Can I pay you a visit to see what ringing is all about?
A: Please do. You'll be very welcome. If you are making a special trip it may be best to let us know just in case practice has had to be cancelled for some reason.

Q: I would like to learn to ring at St. Peter's. How do I start?
A: Excellent. We would love to see you. Just drop contact us using the details on our contacts page.

Q: If I learn to ring at St. Peter's will I be expected to attend Church services?
A: This can be a difficult one. The ultimate purpose of Church Bell Ringing is to call worshipers to the service. We would hope that you will aim to ring for Sundays and stay for the service after, or attend another service, but it is not compulsory. We understand that this may not be possible and you will still be welcomed.

Visiting Ringers

Q: I have just started ringing can I join in with your practices?
A: You'll be very welcome. However, we would prefer it if you are able to handle your bell safely!

Q: I am an experienced ringer. Will I be welcomed at your practice/service?
A: Absolutely. We can do with all the help we can get! We do aim to spend a little time each practice attempting to ring slightly more complicated fair such as Cambridge, London or Yorkshire Surprise Minor or Major.

Q: I would like to ring a Peal or Quarter Peal at St. Peter's.  Would this be possible?
A: Yes you will be very welcome. Please contact us to see if your dates fit in with the availability of the Church.

Q: I am arranging an outing for our band. Can I include ringing at South Weald?
A: Yes you can and you'll be most welcome. Please contact us to see if your dates fit in with the availability of the Church.

Q: Is St. Peter's at South Weald easy to find?
A: Yes, we are about 5 minutes from Junction 28 of the M25.  The details are on these pages.

Q: I have difficulty climbing stairs.  Will I be able to ring at St. Peter's?
A: Our ringing room is up a number of stone steps of a spiral staircase. So unfortunately you may have some difficulty.

Q: Is there a toilet available to ringers?
A: Yes, there is a toilet in the Belli Centre. It may be locked so please ask if it is required. 

Q: Were is the nearest pub?
A: We used to frequent the Tower Arms, which is just over the road from the church. However, this is now closed.  There are alternatives, including the Bull on Brook Street or the White Horse on the Coxtie Green Road.